Yellow Fever Centre

Kingsmead Healthcare is a Yellow Fever Centre

Kingsmead Healthcare is a designated Yellow Fever Centre. 

Please direct all your enquiries to the Reception. The Practice Nurse or GP will be happy to advise you.

List of countries with regulations on Yellow Fever vaccination requirements. 

You should be vaccinated at least 10 days before you travel to allow enough time for the vaccine to work. Some people might not be able to have the vaccine because there's a risk it could make them unwell.

Travelling Abroad?

Here's a guide to let let you know the vaccination requirements for different countries. (this link will open in a new window - popups must be allowed) Please be advised that regulations may change with time. Please contact the Practice Nurse for the latest information.

We offer the following vaccines:

* Yellow Fever

* Typhoid Vaccine

* Hepatitis A & B (Not for Occupational Health)

* Chicken Pox Vaccine

* Cholera Vaccine

* Rabies Vaccine

* Meningitis ACWY Vaccine

* Tick Born Encephalitis Vaccine

* Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

* Human Papilloma Vaccine

* MMR Vaccine

* Shingles Vaccine

* We can also prescribe Malaria Prophylaxis on a private prescription but you can buy Malarone, Lariam, Doxycycline, Paludrine and Avloclor directly from a chemist without a prescription.